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Simple Yet Fresh

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

This home was purchased by the Hacks as a retirement home. They came to me hoping I could help them come up with a much needed fresh new look for this small, dark, and dated kitchen. Approaching this project with fresh eyes and a large toolbox of options, this design proved to be exactly what was needed.

The first thing we did was to open the space by removing all the walls that separated and closed off the original small kitchen. We opted for a more Transitional look by choosing a simple but elegant door style, contrasting color scheme, flat molding trim package, and a beautiful accent tile backsplash. The lovely LVP flooring and bright quartz countertops complete this wonderful transformation, and the customers love their new kitchen!

Below is compellation of "Before & After" photos of this project. When taking the Before pictures, I try to visualize the end results and take shots with that in mind. That is the way the photos are paired in the slide show below.

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